Antony & Lyanne's Renovation / Extension Project - May 2003...Nov 2003

Last update was March 21, 2004

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Status as of December 31, 2003

Well the majority of the work is now least on the 2nd and main floors (although there are a million and one little...and not so little...finishing details).  The basement laundry room is completed, and the rest of basement has the drywall up...but still all the finish work to do (which is as we expected it).  Outside the landscaping remains...but all this will happen in good time.

So What Was it Like...

If you want to get an impression of what it was like...coincidently there was a series of articles published in the Globe and Mail about another couple doing a "radical reno" elsewhere in Toronto that was on almost exactly the same time line as gave Lyanne and I some solice to know someone else was going through the trials and tribulations looking for toilets, baths, light fixtures etc. at exactly the same time!

The Status Reports...

The Plans, How it Looked Before and the People Making it Happen

Moving Out

Before and During Destruction - Round One

The Foundations

"The Blue Veil" aka Destruction - Round Two

Remaining Status reports in the works...stay tuned (March 21, 2004)