Antony & Lyanne's Renovation / Extension Project - 

The Plans

After much blood sweat and tears here are the final plans. 

You can view them in Adobe Acrobat.

These show how the house was before work started:

If anyone is interested in seeing the contract and the associated specification documentation please send an email to

These plans show how it will look when it is finished (hopefully!):

And this is what 2 years of planning and research (and the aforementioned blood sweat and tears) look like...are we crazy...don't answer that...


The People Making it Happen

Our architect - Bill Hurst from WHA Architects








Our contractor - Dennis Benoit from Home Editions and some of his hard working team


How it Looked Before We Started

Actually the font of the house won't look any different...

But the back is changing a most of what you see of the house and garden will be changed...