May 2004 - New Orleans - SAPphire '04

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Finally Lyanne believes Steve isn't a figment of Antony's deranged imagination...but something much more sinister. A wonderful brunch at Brennans (119_1998)

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The first of just a few calories...but the flaming of the bananas apparently causes all the calories in the brown sugar and butter to disappear...honest  (119_1997)

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Does Steve really earn enough to be the owner of that pile...certainly he looks like the proprietor of the Monteleone?  (Note to John:  better check-up on that one)  (119_1999_stiched)

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New Orleans's French Quarter

 (120_2001, 120_2002, 120_2004

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New Orleans's Streetcars

Antony's fascination (some would say unhealthy) with streetcars continued even here...the New Orleans Regional Transit Authority putting on a great show...thanks to transit investments via Bill Clinton...but of course these are the original streetcars named who could resist.

 (120_2005, 120_2006)

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And of course we saved a bundle on taxi's / expenses...these pictures are on the 1923 vintage cars on the St Charles Ave line...on the way back from a fabulous meal at The Commanders Palace...and of course prove that Steve will take public transit (at least under duress).

 (120_2001_edit, 120_2102, 120_2103, 120_2105)

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The Riverboat Natchez

A great afternoon out on a steam powered all steel copy of one of the original river boats.

 (120_2007, 120_2010, 120_2013, 120_2014, 120_2015, 120_2018)

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Beignet There Done That

And yes, if you look carefully, that's coffee in Steve's hand on Bourbon St (and if you believe that you'll believe anything)  (120_2021)

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A Day Trip to the Bayou, da'Swamp, and the Gulf Coast...Aieeeee!!

Pelicans at Grand Isle State park ...  (120_2022, 120_2025)

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Oil Rigs and stuff in the gulf..  (120_2023)

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Laura and Lyanne ...  (120_2027)

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Pascal and Steve...or is that Steve and Pascal...close your eyes if you are of a sensitive nature ...  (120_2030, 120_2031, 120_2032)

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Dinner at Boudreau and Thibodeau in Houma...deep in Cajun country...Alligator, Red-Beans, Crawfish where enjoyed by all...followed by beignet's and ice cream....and alligator wrestling...:-)   This review is a good summary of our excellent experience.
(120_2033, 120_2034, 120_2035, 120_2036, 120_2037, 120_2038, 120_2039, 120_2040, 120_2041, 120_2043, 120_2044, 120_2047,120_2050)

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A Day Trip to the River Road Plantations

First stop on this excellent Gray Line bus tour...Laura..a Creole Plantation...home of the American version of the Br'er Rabbit stories...a story originally brought by the slaves from Africa (120_2051, 120_2053)

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Second stop was at the magnificent Oak Alley...home of a collection of 300+ year old live oak trees.. and a very nice American plantation home...

Approaching the back of the house the trees are already huge...and these are the youngsters...only about 150 years old (120_2055, 120_2056)

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Antony & Lyanne...or as they are better (!) known Snoop Tony-U (tour photographer) and Gangsta-G (120_2057)

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The welcoming party...hang on what century is this! (120_2058, 120_2060)

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And now round to the front of the house...and the amazing oaks of Oak Alley (that's the Mississippi River behind part of the 1607 mile long levee at the end of the Alley...(120_2062, 120_2063, 120_2068, 120_2072)

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And from the other direction (ok so I took one of these one from their web site...can you guess which one!) (120_2068)

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This is what it looked like in 1890...just kidding (120_2080)

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Last Night Dinner at Commanders Palace

A wonderful dinner at The Commanders Palace on our last night...

The assembled company (L->R Zita, Steve, Laura, Antony, Lyanne, Pascal) (120_2081)

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Making Zita and Antony's coffee! (Flaming Beverages Batman) (120_2088, 120_2092, 120_2094)

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The zero calorie bread pudding with lemon whiskey desert (a house speciality) least that's what Steve and Laura (whose hand you see in the 2nd picture) told me!  (120_2097, 120_2099)

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And finally the "crew" introduces themselves (click on the movie to start it)...filmed by Snoop Tony-U...if any one can figure out how to get this rotated glad for ideas (personally I see nothing wrong in turning your monitor/laptop on its side!)....I can rotate it in quicktime...but can't get the mov to play right in the browser...sigh  (