Photographs of the Wider Family

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L->R Pippa, Ian Percival; 
Jean (nee Percival) and Phil Lally
Children of Will Percival - Brother of Hilda Upward (nee Percival)

Kathy & Jeff Allison

Clara is reassured by Allison that she doesn't need a name tag...

But with his speed James definitely needs to be kept "tagged"...

Angi Odel (wife of Frances Odel, son of Yoland Odel nee Upward - sister of Edward)
James Odel (son of Yoland Odel nee Upward - sister of Edward) 

L-> R: Merilyn and Anthea Holme
Anthea and Edward share a grandfather Edward Jackson Upward (Harold's father)

L->R: Ruth (Connie), Byron and Jodi Stiegermeyer
Ruth is daughter of Kath Trent/Simpson (nee Percival) sister of Hilda Upward (nee Percival)

Antony Upward (Edwards eldest Grandson)...thanks to Jodi for taking this picture!

Hazel and Robert Upward
Distant relatives from mid-18th century branch of Upward family

Colin Turner - Godson of Phylis Upward
Judy Gascoyne widow of David Gascoyne 30's Poet
Phylis (Phyl) Upward - daughter of Cyril Upward (engineer - worked in Germany) married Sandra
Cyril was child of Edwards Grandfather's (Edward Jackson Upward)