Kathy Allison's Birthday Poem

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"Happy Birthday" by Kathy Allison

To celebrate this splendid day
Many came an amazing way
Joining friends, relatives, neighbours, literati
At this you hundredth birthday party.
We'll firstly welcome those whose home
Is Canada, the States or Rome;
Then those whose journey was less far
By boat and train or coach or car
From England's West, North, South and Brum
From London and from Wales they've come,
Along with guests from the Isle of Wight.
We welcome all with great delight
Everybody that arrives
Belongs to one of your many lives.
Edward, Mr. Upward, Eddie you may be,
Or Dad, Great grandpa, Grandpa equally.
Whichever name we use will not be wrong
As we unit to sing the 'Happy Birthday song'

And then Clara, Edwards first great grand-daughter cuts the cake