Edward Upward 100th Birthday - Invitation

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11 Westfield Avenue


West Yorkshire


Tel: 01977 704695

Email: jandk-allinson@sagainternet.co.uk

2nd  June 2003

100th Birthday Party of

Edward Upward.

on Tuesday September 9th 2003


The event will take place at

the Parkbury Hotel, Winchester Park Road, Sandown, IOW.

Please will you join us for a celebratory buffet lunch from 12.30 to 4.00 pm.


For those travelling from the mainland for the day, the train and ferry are recommended.

The Parkbury Hotel is only a few hundred yards from Sandown station.  For those coming by car, the hotel car park is very small but parking is possible in Winchester Park Road or other adjacent streets. See Map.


We wish to make you all feel very welcome.  As only Edward has met you all, we hope you will accept a name sticker when you arrive.  In some cases, it may be 40 years or more since we last met!


Some guests have asked about contributing to a present for Edward.  We know that his favourite charity is Liberty (formerly National Council for Civil Liberties) at 21 Tabard St. London SE1 4LA.  We have also arranged to fund a small group of trees at the Ventnor Botanic Gardens in Edward’s name.  If you wish to contribute to this, please send a cheque to J and K Allinson at our Pontefract address.  If there is a surplus from this fund, we shall send it to Liberty.  Please feel free to give whatever present you wish, or none.


Edward knows we are organising a celebration but not what form it will take.  We shall tell him shortly before the day.  Till then it’s still a secret.  We look forward to meeting you all and thank you in advance for helping us celebrate Edward’s centenary.


Please would you confirm that you have received these final details.  If you find that you are after all unable to come, please let us know as soon as possible.


With best wishes,



Kathy and Jeff Allinson and Janet Upward