Shipley / Godefroy / Graham / Upward / Sinclair Vacation in France - Summer 2003

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Paris....mid-August 2003...the end of the worst heat wave in recent years...this picture of the Basilique du Sacré Coeur was taken when it was mid-morning and only ~30°C (113_1356)

Basilique du Sacré Coeur - 113_1356


To Brittany...

After three hot hot hot days in Paris we drove in air conditioned spender East to the cool breezes of Brittany / Bretagne...and at the gateway to Brittany the lovely town of Vitré with its impressive castle (113_1362)

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Reaching Guingamp Lyanne Upward and Janet Upward check the map (113_1365)

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We arrive at the Côte de Granit Rose...the Cornwall of Brittany...and onto the road into Ploumanac'h, home of Allison Sinclair's mother Ina this fabulous view (113_1366)

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The welcoming party at Perros...L->R Ina Sinclair, Alison's sister and cousin , Allison with James Upward in her arms, Richard Upward, Janet Upward with Clara Upward in her arms (113_13667

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The Beach at Ploumanc'h

The more people arrive...the Appleby/Rawlinson's...friends of Antony and Lyanne...and Lyanne family...and we all head to the beach at Ploumanac'h...

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Beach bum?  No its Mike Appleby!  (113_1378)

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Can grown men build bet! L->R Emily-Violet Rawlinson, Antony Upward, Burke Shipley (113_1380)

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Mike Appleby and Burke Shipley (113_1397)

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L->R James and Janet Upward  (113_1401)


The Gite

The Gite that the Shipley's / Godefroy's / Upward's were staying at, was the 16th century Manoir du Launay, just outside Langoat.

If you want to get a sense of what 2 weeks together in Gite is all Miles Kington's very amusing article "What I wish I had known before my holidays"...recommended!

( 114_1489, 114_1488, 116_1605)

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The Gite even had a dishwasher...which considering the size of the party was rather good! (114_1415)

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Catching Up

The three Godefroy sisters are catching up on their news...L->R Lillian Langlais, Nicole Shipley, Colette Heitz

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At the other end of the table the three Shipley sisters L->R Debbie Graham, Nadine Shipley and Lyanne Upward catch up.

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 114_1419_small.jpg (142432 bytes)(114_1419)

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And finally Chris catches up with the owners dog... (115_1559)

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Celebrating Burke and Nicole's 50th Wedding Anniversary

The Shipley party headed to a small crêperie in Trédrez - 'Auberge Saint Erwan Creperie' to celerbrate the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Burke and Nicole Shipley...crêpe and cidre....mmmm!

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L-.R Standing: Lyanne Upward, Brigitte Godefroy, Marc, Nadine Shipley, Debbie Graham, Antony Upward

Sitting: Robert Langlais, Burke Shipley,  Nicole Shipley, Lillian Langlais, Colette Heitz

Cross Legged: Sohpie Mayeur, Chris Graham, Erika Graham 


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The table...with the Cidre and Breton cola...Breizh Cola... le Cola de Bretagne...le Cola du Phare Ouest


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Lillian can't believe how much cream is on her desert!


The happy couple...

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Something's never change...Nicole really doesn't like her picture being taken...


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The Cake! (114_1450)

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All say Ahhh together...the Kiss!  (114_1452)

The cousins...Brigitte, Lyanne, Nadine and Debbie (114_1453, 114_1455)

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Burke Shipley and his youngest daughter Nadine (114_1436, 114_1438, 114_1440)

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A Walk along the Côte de Granit Rose

The North coast of Brittany near Ploumanc'h...

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The "Castle" at Ploumanc'h...

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Baby James Upward...age 8 Months

Aren't these the "perfect" baby pictures...

(114_1480, 114_1482, 114_1494)

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Then Uncle Antony and Aunt Lyanne have to get in on the picture...

(115_1524, 115_1532)

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Clara Upward's 3rd Birthday Party Chez Ina

Unwrapping presents...Richard and Allison help...Janet and Ina look on

(114_1492, 114_1504, 114_1507)

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Its so dredfully Clara has to share her presents with her brother!

(114_1510, 114_1511)

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Then of course there is that the 3rd helping?  (114_1515)

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All at sea in pea green boat!

(114_1516, 114_1517, 114_1518)

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A Day on the Île de Bréhat

One of the many Moulin a Mer (tidal mills - powered by the tides) on the Brittany coast....with its tidal pool in the forground. (115_1535)

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A group of us climbed to the top of the highest point on the island and the Chapel St-Michel... L->R Burke, Janet, Antony, Erika 
(115_1551, 115_1552)

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After lunch (more crepe and cidre)...after the "youngsters" wimped out the rest of us walked to the Northern tip of the island...and the lighthouse (Le Phare du Paon)
(115_1554, 115_1555, 115_1556, 115_1557, 115_1558)

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The intrepid few...L->R Nicole, Lyanne, Janet, Burke

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Lyanne relives her childhood climbing rocks and looking in wading pools!

Breton Dance and Folk Music - Guingamp


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A Trip to Tréguier

(115_1562, 115_1563, 115_1564)

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A Trip on the Train à Vapeur

(115_1565, 115_1577, 115_1586, 115_1588, 115_1591)

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A Trip to Trégastel

(116_1611, 116_1612)

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A Trip to Château de la Roche Jagu

(115_1594, 116_1621, 116_1622, 116_1630_stiched)

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A Birthday Party for Nicole

Lyanne orders enough Saint Honoré for the five thousand...lucky for us we like whipped cream!

(115_1600, 115_1602)

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A Trip to the Sillon de Talbert

Burke, Nicole, Antony and Lyanne go for a walk on an extraordinary peninsula of land jutting out 5-6km from the shore...entirely of small stones...

(116_1613, 116_1614, 116_1618)

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Endings and Fairwells

Antony and Janet at Guingamp railway station...

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Most of the party had departed...the final four holdouts (L->R Nicole, Burke, Lyanne, Antony) have the last supper...

116_1634_small.jpg (239439 bytes)

And the last toast (cidre of course) to the wonderful holiday that was...

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And the final lunch back in Paris...L->R Antony, Lyanne, Nadine

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