Christmas chez Shipley in Chicago - Part 3

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Chicago...the windy called because of all the "wind" created during the debate about a post 1871 Chicago fire Exposition... nothing to do with the weather
(107-0797) the tabloid press...Medieval people spotted in downtown Chicago

At the Shedd Aquarium...sea otters, dolphins and penguins
(108-0803, 108-0805, 108-0812, 108-0820)

Burke enjoys a lunchtime libation (without Nicole...she'll never least until now!)

The Breakfast Experience

Stef and Nadine take the whole crowd out for Sunday Brunch...Stef can now tick off the "American Breakfast Experience" from his list of things to do.  L->R Erika, Stef, Burke, Lyanne, Nadine, Nicole, Debbie, Chris, Antony, Jim

The Bowling Experience

Keen to allow Stef to tick off two American experiences in one day...the crowd decide to go bowling....

But...Nicole doesn't want to go bowling...but her daughters won't take any of her nonsense...and frog-march her to the (bowling) alley
L->R Lyanne, Nicole, Erika, Nadine, Jim

This woman is a bowling fashion victim...matching clothes and ball!!

Look at this bowling action...Stef, Jim, Erika, Chris
(108-0869., 108-0889, 108-0897, 108-0924)

Its a strike...and such a rare event it is jaw dropping L->R Burke, Nicole, Chris