Christmas chez Shipley in Chicago - Part 2

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Melli get's a good scratching from Erika and Chris 

The other Xmas elf (aka Erika) helps with the chocolate log (a mid-Atlantic melange of Delia Smith and Joy of Cooking!) 
(107-0746, 107-0748, 107-0750)

Jim (R) makes the chocolate bark (though confusingly not for the log!) with help from Burke (L)

Then Santa (Burke) arrives to deliver the gifts...but why does he have the camera?

The tree, plus (once again) more gifts than everyone promised they would purchase...

And a gentle snow fell...a White Christmas...and the newst visitors (Stef and Nadine) must work for their Xmas dinner
(107-0774, 107-0777)

Then the unwrapping begins...and Kuba (the Alpha female at 170 North Taylor) enjoys her gift, and Melli helps with the unwrapping!
(107-0747 - Movie Removed , 107-0763)

Mean while the adults (!) start to enjoy other peoples gifts...but wait is this R2/ its Nicole trying out the kids medieval helmets
Then the kids show how it really should be done...
(107-0764, 107-0788)

Then the champagne (and in Lyanne's case the first of too many!).  L->R Burke, Jim, Lyanne, Antony, Nadine, Nicole, Chris, Steff, Erika and Debbie; Burke with his three daughters L->R Nadine, Lyanne and Debbie
(107-0779, 107-0783) 

Yes these people are stressed, as the turkey gets a basting, luckily the champagne helped avoid major injury

Damm...forgot to take a picture of the flaming (!) pudding!

At the end of the day the only ones left standing...the dog and the kids (playing the Upword game from Janet)
(107-0789, 107-0791)